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UMAC Painting logo footerAt UMAC Painting and Decorating, we have a heartfelt story behind our inception. Our founder, Farah, has always had a deep passion for painting since her early days as a young girl. She fondly recalls assisting her grandfather in painting their two-story house, where she was trusted with the upper levels, allowing her to unleash her youthful creativity. Painting became a profound love for Farah, and she knew from high school that art and craft were her true calling.

However, societal norms and expectations in her upbringing steered her towards a different path. She pursued a practical course in management at university and eventually earned a master’s degree in public administration. Farah spent many years working as an administrator in the construction sector, all the while continuing to pursue her passion for painting as a freelancer.

Yet, the desire to fully immerse herself in painting persisted. With unwavering determination, Farah established UMAC Painting and Decorating to pursue her true calling and share her talents with the world.

Today, Farah stands as living proof that following one’s passion can be truly transformative. The simple act of painting someone’s bedroom can have a profound impact on their life, and Farah’s unwavering commitment to her craft has brought immeasurable joy and happiness to countless individuals.

At UMAC Painting and Decorating, we channel Farah’s passion and dedication into every project we undertake. We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients through our exceptional painting and decorating services. Trust us to bring beauty, inspiration, and transformative experiences to your spaces, as we continue Farah’s legacy of spreading joy through the power of artistry.

UMAC Painting & Decorating LLC
2929 3rd Avenue
Floor 4
Bronx NY 10455



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